Imagine Make Play

Creative experiences to explore the world through playful making.


Remember the most exciting thing you ever learnt? That lesson or experience that just blow your mind? The thing you would tell anyone who would listen?

These are the are the kinds of experiences we create at Imagine Make Play

Our Mission

Our mission is to encourage experimentation, questioning and innovation in young people – as it is these thought processes that pave the way for the inventors, the creative problem solvers, the scientists – and above all, the progressors of our future.

We hope to help them fulfil their potential, armed with the confidence that these skills can help them change the world.

After a very busy summer of festival fun, meeting so many amazing people and countless little artists. I have made the tough decision to press pause on imagine make play.
I am still up for being involved in any exciting events so please do get in touch if you have anything in mind. I am just pressing pause on the day to day workshops for the moment. Thank you for everyone’s on going support and all the amazing feedback I have received.

If you would like to know more details about having us at your event please contact Tess directly at or call on 07521856036

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